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Follow up Research - Determining Which Crops to Include

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Sadhul Tirkey (translator) with the Farmers May 2018
Sadhul Tirkey (translator) with the Farmers May 2018

By May of 2018, we were ready to reconvene the farmers to determine which crops would be included in the mobile application. Saduhl (Pastor) Tirkey determined the best method for this would be to call the farmers together for a meeting. It was held at Tirkey's child development center on June 16, 2018. Responses were collected on forms to determine the top crops to include.

I researched agricultural information from Indian educational institutions online for the crops desired which also included fish farming and mushroom growing. I provided the information to Pastor Tirkey who began the laborious process of translating the information in to Sadri between July and October 2018. I took delivery of the translations in November 2018 and then employed the help of a web designer to plot out the best way to present the data.

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