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Online Mentoring and Coaching

Overview of Personal Sessions:


Life’s Best Practices® School for Good Living Guided Breakthrough Coaching

The Passion Test® for Life

The Passion Test® for Career and Personal Fulfillment in the Workplace

The Passion Test® for Leaders- Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Executives, and Team Leaders

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Process For Life - $333.00


90 Mins. Per/ session

Building your company strategy based on what matters most for your business assures attainment of important milestones.

My process allows us to align your and your company’s goals and uniquely positions your company in the market.

Customers: What matters most to the customers to be able to exceed their expectations consistently builds a growing number of loyal customers.

In every session, we can develop a strategy that’s the catalyst for growth, innovation, excellence, profits, and sustainability.

With the Passion Test for Business process we will focus on the following three areas:

Identifying your company’s Unique Contributions – what sets your company apart from others in the marketplace and industry is your superpower.

Gaining Clarity in the key areas and find out “What matters most”

Developing an Action Plan that produces increased productivity, innovation, engagement, excellence, growth, profitability, and sustainability.

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